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These guys are passion and authenticity to the core. They’re taking the tradition and the heritage of the region and infusing it with this progressive craft-beverage mentality, where people are no longer beer drinkers or wine drinkers—they’re experimenting and trying new things.  

~ New Mexico Magazine ~

“Whether you’re a connoisseur or a newbie taster, you’ll find something to please your palate—in terms of both wine and adventure—in New Mexico’s wine country.”

~  New Mexico True  ~

“Did you know that New Mexico is the oldest wine country in America by about 200 years? It’s true”

~  New Mexico True  ~

“Jasper Riddle of Noisy Water Winery in Ruidoso has been named the New Mexico Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.”

~    ABQ Business First   ~

” ‘We nee to take our wine to the people.’ Goblet told Economic Forum, noting new events in Ruidoso and Taos, as well as a partnership with Heritage Hotels & Resorts throughout the state.”

~    ABQ Business First    ~

“…not just for the wine, but for the other attractions that lure about 34 million tourists annually to New Mexico: wild beauty, skiing, art, dozens of festivals, and a reputation among food lovers as the epicenter of Southwestern cuisine. “Come for the tourism, and fall in love with our wines” was the message.”

~      The Daily Meal      ~

“Over the years, the enterprise prospers, growing into a major producer of critically acclaimed American sparkling wine, but it’s not until 30 years later that it finally discovers its cru vineyard on a reservation owned by Native Americans, a tribe who not only has a farming heritage but has also developed a very sophisticated business plan.”

~The Drinks Business UK~

“LAS CRUCES – “Viva Vino” is part toast, part battle cry as New Mexico Wine hopes to charge onto the national, and international, scene.”

~ Las Cruces Sun News ~

“It is my second night in New Mexico, on the road as part of a tour of the state’s wineries, visiting a half dozen of the half a hundred winegrowers who flourish in this desert Southwest state. I know I will not be surprised to find that New Mexico can and does make fine wines.”

~     iSante Magazine    ~

“From coffee to cocktails, Albuquerque’s sipping scene is infused with local ingredients and inspiration ranging from its radiant sunsets to its ancient cultures.”

~ National Geographic ~

“For those of us who love to combine our culinary passions with wanderlust, wine travel is the way to go.”

~   Livability Journal  ~

“Visiting one of New Mexico’s vineyards is the experience of a lifetime. The wine reflects the flavors of a rich landscape, from fresh juniper and fire-roasted pine nuts to chocolate and chile.”

~  New Mexico True  ~