We Are
New Mexico Wine

New Mexico Wine & Grape Growers Association is a 501c6 non-profit organization that was created in 1991 as the trade association for the winery and vineyards of New Mexico. For 28 years, our staff and members have worked together to build a robust industry of family-owned wineries throughout the state. In 2016, we launched our new VivaVino marketing campaign and shortened our name to New Mexico Wine.

At New Mexico Wine, we are dedicated to three primary programmatic areas. Our mission is to Promote, Protect and Educate.


Promotion refers to the marketing, advertising and special events that allow customers to learn about our wines and help sell product for our members. We promote the industry as a whole and work with individual members to enhance their brands and leverage media opportunities. 

New Mexico Wine has built strong relationships with state and local tourism agencies to help drive customers to our member wineries.


We protect the industry by building a healthy business climate for New Mexico wineries and vineyards through advocacy and legislation.

Our staff works closely with State and Federal regulatory agencies to ensure our members can safely operate and be profitable. We continue to develop strong alliances with industry partners to foster collaboration and the sharing of best practices with our members


Education is an ongoing activity that includes a multi-day wine education conference every spring and our new program called ‘The Wine Studio’, a series of seminars and workshops to help our members improve their vineyard operations and winemaking techniques. We work closely with New Mexico State University and other non-profit organizations to expand learning opportunities for amateurs and professionals.

Interested in becoming a member?

To become a member of New Mexico Wine association you must either be a licensed winery that is open to the public or an operating vineyard that sells grapes to the professional wine industry.  We also offer Associate Memberships to Allied Trade companies that directly service the wine industry with equipment or materials.

For those individuals who are hobbyist, amateur or enthusiast winemakers who are looking to build their wine acumen and network with other local wine enthusiasts, we recommend contacting New Mexico Vine & Wine Association. They have three chapters located across the state, North, Central and South.