Nearly 400 years ago, in 1629, the very first grapes were planted along the banks of the Rio Grande and American viticulture was born. These original vines were smuggled from Spain and planted by monks to produce wines for ceremony and sacrament. What began as a sacred tradition eventually grew into a thriving industry, and by the late 1800’s New Mexico was producing over a million gallons of wine annually. 

New Mexico’s modern day wine industry continues to evolve from traditional European roots, with over 50 wineries and tasting rooms throughout the state. It’s easy to trace the influence of old Spain in our contemporary wines, but one can also taste the traditions of France, Italy, Germany and Central America in our present-day vintages. The vineyards of New Mexico are as diverse as our population, with over 100 traditional European varieties and hybrids that move from vine to bottle every year. 

We invite you to explore Americas most unique and independent winemaking region in the heart of the Southwest. Viva Vino!