Carrie Gurule

Carrie A. Gurule, is the Assistant Winemaker/Quality Assurance Specialist at Gruet Winery. Carrie graduated from the University of New Mexico earning her Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Biology, where she also received her Certificate in Nuclear Medicine. Carrie focused her first career for thirteen years as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, where she started and managed multiple imaging labs in Seattle, WA. Her second career began about 10 years ago making wine-NM Wine. She has had the privilege of learning from French, Italian, New Zealand, and American Winemakers. She completed the Winemaker Certification Course at UC Davis. For the past 4 years, she has been enthusiastically learning how to make sparkling wine from award winning French Winemakers. Her favorite part making yeast babies and watching them grow. When she’s not counting yeast babies, she’s powerlifting, golfing, and studying French.